As a relationally-driven, storytelling person, I found my niche in the field of communication four years IMG_1440 (1)ago. Now, a public relations graduate of Messiah College, my experience in nonprofit, agency and higher education marketing and communication equips me to effectively develop and implement public relations strategies that build strong, two-way relationships. The skills I acquired during these roles, as well as my desire to communicate ethically and with transparency, have adequately prepared me to enter the public relations field.

As indicated in my resume and samples, my experience represents my commitment to creativity, communication and collaboration.  My professional roles with Suasion Marketing and Communications, CURE International and the Neighborhood Advisory Council enabled me to further develop my communication abilities, particularly in the areas of event planningresearch, proposal development, media writing and public relations writing. In addition, my role as the President of Public Relations Student Society empowered me to lead a team of 25 peers through several fundraising projects, including a 5k run for Schreiber Pediatrics. If given the opportunity, I would provide an organization with exceptional interpersonal skills, a detail-oriented work ethic and the ability to reach diverse audiences through oral and written communication.

As I move forward, I would be honored to support an organization with my public relations skills. Please contact me with any comments, questions or inquires with the information provided in the “Contact Me” section. Thank you for visiting!


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