Through internship experience, I have developed social media campaigns and created content for Facebook and Twitter. By expanding my writing abilities into this current form of communication, I have learned the art of brief but powerful messages. Below, I have included a campaign I created while at CURE International for a two-week long t-shirt campaign, along with Facebook posts for a client at Suasion Marketing and Communications for an upcoming awards ceremony.

CURE Social Media Campaign Selfless Tee

LWWD Nominee Facebook Posts


Blogs bring a voice that personifies the mission and work of an organization. While interning at CURE International, I contributed the following three blog posts, learning to embody the organization through my words.

CURE Blog Post Collins

CURE Blog Post Korn

CURE Blog Post Selfless Tee


With countless opportunities to learn the art of news release writing, I have fine-tuned my knowledge of AP guidelines and the proper tone and language that accompanies this function of public relations writing. The Rhythm and Blues release comes from my event planning internship at The Partnership CDC and the SchreiberDash release was drafted for a 5k race my PRSSA chapter planned in the fall of 2012.

Rhythm and Blues Press Release

SchreiberDash News Release


Also developed for SchreiberDash, the 5k race, I delivered this media pitch to 20 local media affiliates and followed up with personal phone calls to gain publicity for our event.

SchreiberDash Media Pitch


Along with press releases, I wrote a biography and fact sheet, two items often found in traditional media kits, during my PR Writing course at Temple University.

Temple Police Biography

Temple Police Fact Sheet


Taking a different approach to communication, I created 10, 15, 30 and 60 second radio spots promoting the Rhythm and Blues Fest in West Philadelphia.

Rhythm and Blues Radio Spot


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