While working in the Messiah College Office of Marketing and Public Relations, I developed multiple feature stories on students, alums and initiatives on campus. The stories appeared on the home page of the College’s website. Below I have posted three examples, explaining an alum who built a solar power house, an alum who ran an ultra-marathon and a campus-wide energy saving campaign.

Messiah College Feature Story Gustafson

Messiah College Feature Story Newbould

Messiah College Feature Story Turn It Off


Through my internships, I also have experience in newsletter writing. While at Suasion Marketing and Communications, I wrote articles for the Living Well With A Disability newsletter, showcasing ways people with disabilities can live well. The Assistive Technology article begins on the bottom of page 5 and the Eight Tips article begins at the top of page 1.

Assistive Technology that Works for You: How to Navigate the World of Devices

Eight Tips to Help Ensure Happy Holidays for Families with Children with Disabilities


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