“Emily’s team player attitude helped her gain the opportunity to handle a variety of projects, and work with different individuals during her internship. Emily was willing to take on any project assigned to her, and she was eager to understand the functionality and operational aspects of a business. She demonstrated a true passion for the industry. Emily is a very hardworking young woman. She is a bright, mature college student who possesses qualities that will help her go far. Your company would do well to make Emily a part of your team. She was a tremendous asset to our agency and has a bright future ahead of her.”

-Megan Kurtz, Vice President of Client Services, Suasion Marketing and Communications

Internship supervisor


“Her public speaking and presentation abilities show confidence and maturity, and her writing is excellent. In addition, she both works well as a team player and takes on leadership roles with grace and skill, a combination not always found in a single individual.”

-Nance McCown, Chair of Communication Department, Messiah College



Emily is hardworking and great at multitasking. With her willingness to try new things and the ability to meet deadlines, she would be an asset to any workplace.”

-Elizabeth Brown, Communication and Community Development Specialist

Internship supervisor at The Partnership CDC

“She was diligent in her work, had great ideas, and also showed plenty of initiative. She was also a joy to be around, as she carries herself with a very nice balance of friendliness and reliability. She did an excellent job with all of the tasks we gave her, and showed that she can take any given project, own it and run with it. She’s going to be a great asset to whatever organization she lands within a professional environment.”

-Joel Glovier, Visual Design Engineer, appendto, LLC

Internship supervisor at CURE International


“Emily is by nature a learner and not satisfied with just acquiring knowledge, rather she is committed to an educational process that demands questions, thought, and listening to other’s ideas and perspectives.  She was willing to thoughtfully approach a variety of experiences and perspectives.  She dealt well with constructive criticism and was always open to advice from others whom she respected.”

-Kris Hansen Kieffer, Vice Provost/Dean of Students, Messiah College



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